We take inspiration directly from the music’s composers, using historically informed techniques, period-specific instruments and original sources to bring music to life in committed, vibrant performances.

Andras DEAK


The Orchestra

The Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra (VSPO) is based in a capital of music and named after Strauss dynasty, in a part a homage to chosen home of great music family. The Orchestra truly deservedly holds the title of «orchestra  with Viennese flair».

Having an undisputed mastery of a wide repertoire on Viennese Classic and Viennese 19th century music, the Vienna Strauss Philharmonic combines virtuosity with a deep knowledge of its métier.

The high degree of specialization reached by the Vienna Strauss Philharmonic on its core repertoire (Haydn, Mozart, Brahms – Johann Strauss – father and son) confers the ensemble an almost borderless freedom of choice while setting together and putting in place breathtaking concert programs full of fantasy and mastery.

The Vienna Strauss Philharmonic proudly displays Vienna’s musical inheritance.


The Vienna Strauss Philharmonic takes skillfully advantage of the solid professional and cultural background of all its Viennese members and of the valuable contributions by excellent musicians joining from other European countries. The remarkable result of this synthesis is a clearly recognizable European character and the distinctly perceptible Viennese style of the performances.

Membership of the Orchestra includes young musicians starting out on their professional careers, together with a core of experienced orchestral players.

The Orchestra collaborate with a range of the finest international guest artists from across the musical spectrum, resulting in performances of rare insight and energy and centred around the development of its musicians.


Andras DEAK


He was born in Budapest and studied piano and composition at the Béla Bartók Vocational Secondary School for Music and then graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest



The musician from Turin studied piano and composition at his hometown conservatory while simultaneously deepening his literary and philosophical interests at the University of Turin

The activities of the Vienna Strauss Philharmonic are inscribed in the cultivation of Vienna’s musical heritage and its promotion at European and international level. In connection with this task the orchestra encourages the collaboration with artist from within and beyond Austria and engages itself in cultural projects abroad.

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